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Accurate communication of complex information is the foundation of healthcare and medical research.
Life often depends on it.

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As a clinician or investigator you are often asked to write about your work in ways that both professionals and laypeople can understand. Not an easy task. In fact, it’s time-consuming and not your core competency. That’s where we can help.

Stone Ridge Communication
Stone Ridge Communication

We work with you and your organization to create content for publication in journals, magazines or on the web. We help you communicate clearly with subjects or collaborators in your clinical trials and research projects, with regulators and your sponsors.

Our approach relies on intimate collaboration with you, the author, so that your voice gets heard.

We have worked with many non-native speakers to enhance the clarity of English-language research papers. The result: submissions, at first rejected by science journals, were then accepted for publication. Congratulations! We can do the same for you in German. We can create original content or translate your information from one language to the other.

Let’s talk about how we can help you.